sayBabel is a unique methodology for organizing workshops in English while tackling socially and environmentally important issues. Participants of sayBabel workshops improve the use of the foreign language, and at the same time develop their knowledge and involvement in interesting topics and meet new and diverse people, expanding their network and opening their minds.

We have been successfully running quite a few editions of the sayBabel workshops in the past and now we are ready for the next step – share our experience with you and spread sayBabel around!


sayBabel are workshops conducted in English on socially and ecologically important topics. It is a space for improving language skills, but also increasing awareness, meeting people with very diverse backgrounds, expanding your network of friends and regaining motivation to have an impact. Most of all, it is a space to have fun!

sayBabel workshops are very interactive and use various informal education methods, e.g. games, group work, discussion, short films, creative tasks. Each workshop is different. We focus on communication and breaking down barriers in a relaxed atmosphere. These are not English lessons – they are meetings in English for people that want to get to know each other, get inspired and develop together.


At sayBabel we believe that anybody can contribute to a positive change.

Most people are indifferent or discouraged toward the social and environmental challenges we are facing today; it is not because of their ill will, but rather because of their lack of knowledge or awareness. They may not be oriented into looking for information on their own but, as our experience clearly shows, they start to be interested in a given social or ecological issue if it is presented in a clear, engaging way. This is our main goal, encouraging people from various groups to participate in workshops, which effect, apart from satisfying their own needs, is to boost awareness and motivation to introduce a change, no matter how small, in their everyday life so that it becomes more socially and ecologically responsible. In this sense, the English language is a sort of bait.

Throughout the years we noticed that workshops on socially and ecologically important topics conducted in English are more popular than those conducted in Polish – people come to improve the language, expanding their knowledge and awareness on the topics was rather a most welcome bonus.

Other goals:

Developing linguistic competences

By developing linguistic competences participants: increase their chances on the labor market; gain access to content published in English, avoiding the filter of a translation into Polish (or their mother tongue other than Polish); have the opportunity to communicate directly with people from other cultures; increase self-esteem and self-confidence.

Meeting new people, often from different backgrounds

SayBabel workshops are attended by people of different age groups, with a variety of experiences, and from disparate countries (being one of the few offers addressed to people who don’t speak Polish). By getting to know people from different social groups, participants expand their social network, break stereotypes, learn to appreciate diversity and to cooperate with people with whom they have no contact on a daily basis.

Building self-confidence

SayBabel workshops are designed so that participants can take up new challenges – from fairly passive participation, through a growing involvement in a number of exercises, expressing their opinions in front of the whole group, to the possibility of co-conducting part or whole workshops, and even opening their own sayBabel chapter.

Encouraging action

Each sayBabel workshop ends with a joint reflection on possible solutions to the social or ecological challenge at hand and the encouragement to take real action by introducing at least small changes in our everyday life.


SayBabel workshops take place in a relaxed, warm and inclusive atmosphere – although we are talking about important matters, we focus on what can be improved. Our meetings are moments to break away from everyday worries, overcome the fear of using a foreign language or meeting new people through activities and games and just have fun!