We have been successfully running quite a few editions of sayBabel workshops in the past and now we are ready for the next step – share our experience with you and spread sayBabel around!

sayBabel began in 2015 in Warsaw as an initiative of Anna Książek and Andrea Pucci. Their previous experience showed that workshops on socially and ecologically important topics conducted in English were more popular than those conducted in Polish. People came to improve the language! Expanding their knowledge and awareness on the topics was rather a most welcome bonus.

Anna and Andrea organized the 1st edition of sayBabel, where for over 6 months they conducted workshops gathering every second week people from different backgrounds. It was a great opportunity to get to know more about important areas, such as responsible consumption or human rights. Participants could find out how to join forces and implement small changes with big impact. During the workshops everyone had the chance to speak English and, even though some may have felt a little awkward at the beginning, by focusing on the discussion participants ended up opening and engaging. Last but not least, people got to know each other, creating friendships and, in some cases, collaborations.

After those six months Anna and Andrea started their life adventure – a journey around the world looking for and connecting with changemakers (see ExChange The World). But that wasn’t the end for sayBabel. Some of the participants embraced the concept and took the initiative in their hands. Igor Kłosiński, Karolina Kłosińska, Urszula Wawrzyniuk and Anna Szlęk started to conduct their own workshops and ran the 2nd edition. They kept on following sayBabel values and practices, making the new edition the same good space Anna and Andrea had arranged. 

That was a great time in the lovely Osiedle Jazdów and again an opportunity to meet fantastic people, get important knowledge and practice English. During this edition there were some new elements like inviting participants to conduct their own workshops or foreign people to tell about their country, culture and language. The 2nd edition also went on for 6 wonderful months.

In the same period Małgorzata Gałka, inspired by sayBabel phenomenon, provided workshops in Łódź. The method started to make the first steps outside of Warsaw.

sayBabel kept evolving: a participant of the 1st and 2nd editions, Agnieszka Sokolnicka, decided to share these workshops in her own neighborhood. This time the form was modified a little – values and scenarios were the same, conducting was different. Agnieszka invited lecturers to provide each workshop, matching them with the subject at hand. In this way there were a lot of interesting people, not only participants but also guests. And again important topics, chances for changing lifestyle and improving language skills – those were the key features of the workshops for everyone.

Recently, applying for Inkubator Pomysłów at Fundacja Stocznia gave sayBabel team the chance to reinvent and expand the concept, making it a method to be explored and exported, adopted and adapted.